Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The First Steps

I first visited Scotland when I was six. My first mountain had more feet to its height than I had days to my age, but I was instantly ensnared by the lure of heather and rock-clad hills. The Cairngorms, which were visible from that first summit, held a particular fascination for me, but - despite many other hills - it was a long time before I trod on my first bit of red granite; and even then I was limited.

For seven years I climbed Cairngorm, or walked its northern corries, with various of my children either still inside, in a front carrier, in a back carrier, and/or in a buggy. I loved these walks - they made a change from mother & baby coffee mornings, for sure - but I confess to yearning for the chance to walk alone, with a tent on my back instead of a toddler. I wanted to go into the hills, not just look at them from yet another visit to the weather station.

Last July I finally got that chance, and again in August and October. I have further trips planned for this year, and plan to use this blog to share pictures, routes, experiences, and gear reviews (as I upgrade my 25-year-old kit). I would love to hear back from you. The comments box is open.


Karen said...

I have to confess I've never really understood the urge to climb mountains, much as I love walking and the great outdoors, but I do love looking at them :o)

Leigh said...

Hope you'll like the photos then!

Martin Rye said...

Cairngorms are a place that captivates me and draws me back to walk and wildcamp the high places. I am looking forward to following your trips and reading this blog.

womagwriter said...

I fully understand the urge to climb mountains - fell in love with them in my teens, spent most weekends as a student in either north Wales or the Lake District. I don't know the Scottish mountains though, maybe one year soon we'll go there. Off to Keswick tomorrow, hopefully will get a bit of mountain walking done.

I'm going to enjoy this blog I think!

Leigh said...

Hi Martin! It's good to find a kindred spirit, and glad to have found your blog too. Thanks for stopping by.

Womag - Keswick is lovely, and closer to home! Hope you have a good trip and not too much snow!